Accommodation Rules

1)      During check-in the guests show Confirmation of the accommodation/voucher and the valid identification card or the passports for all persons being accommodated; Guests may check-in at the time from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. on the day of the arrival; Any later arrivals must be agreed on ahead with the manager;

2)      During acceptance of the chalet, the responsible representative of the guests receives the inventory and assumes responsibility for any loss, destruction and possible damage of the inventory and/or the chalet. During this acceptance the representative pays the deposit for any possible damages in the amount of 100€, which will be refunded at the time of departure and after returning of the chalet and the inventory without damage to the manager;

3)      The accommodation price is paid by the guest at the arrival/prior to the arrival at the stay. The advance payment will be deducted from the final price of the accommodation and any other services;

4)      During the stay the guest uses one set of keys to the chalet, which are always carried with him/her;

5)      The guest has been advised on how to use the fire extinguisher and the fire escape route;

6)      Inside the chalet it is strictly forbidden:

  • To smoke and to manipulate with open fire (for example candles) – penalized by 100€ fine;
  • To consume alcoholic beverages in wellness facilities – pool, hot tub, sauna, Finnish tub – penalized by 100€ fine;
  • To bring dogs and any other pets (only after agreement with the manager and for a fee);
  • To manipulate with the fireplace in any manner different than agreed on and to use the fireplace for purposes other than it is intended for;
  • To use the outdoor footwear inside the chalet on the ground floor and upstairs;
  • To manipulate with the furniture inside the chalet in any way, to manipulate with the electrical installations or water installations.

7)      In the chalet outdoor areas it is strictly prohibited:

  • To set fire in places other than the designated fireplaces, to set fire in the outdoor fireplace or grill; The fireplace or the grill are intended solely for grilling, using charcoal – briquettes; The fire wood is intended solely for the indoor fireplace!!!
  • To disturb the community and the silent hours after 10 p.m. in any way;

8)      During the stay the guests are obliged:

  • To save energy, in particular electricity for heating. Airing out must be done briefly and intensively!
  • To turn off all electrical appliances, lights, to shut the water and close all the windows when leaving the chalet,
  • To use the firewood for the fireplace economically,
  • To extinguish the fire in the fireplace when leaving the chalet, or in the outdoor fireplace after having finished using it,
  • To secure the external windows during airing out the rooms using the hook,
  • To empty out communal waste into the garbage containers located in front of the chalet,
  • To separate waste. Plastic materials in the container for plastics, glass in the container for glass,
  • It is prohibited to park vehicles on the grass! The area designated for parking is the property in front of the chalet, gravelled or paved.

9)      The guests are obliged to inform the manager of any breakdowns of the facility or its part at phone number +421 915 494 600; in the event of incidents hazardous to health, life or the property, call phone numbers 112, 158;

10)   Prior to the end of the stay the guests are obliged to empty out any food from the kitchen area and to empty out all garbage into the garbage container located outside;

11)   Upon departure the guests are obliged to return to the manager the entire chalet inventory in undamaged condition as well as to return to the manager the keys to the chalet. The guest must report any damages caused and must agree the respective damage compensation with the manager;

12)   After the end of the stay the guests are obliged to leave the chalets until 10 a.m.; Any later check-out – till 3 p.m. the latest – shall be agreed with the manager in advance and a fee of 40€ will be charged (Chalets 01, 03, 04 ,05, 07, 18, 20, 22, 28, 48), or 80€ (Chalets 08, 23).

We wish you a pleasant stay!